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About Us


Birth & Growth: In 2006 SHEEP has embraced these people mainly taking care of their health. Leprosy effected people come daily for dressing and medicines are provided for them. SHEEP also provides for them Micro Cellular Rubbrerchapples (MCR). SHEEP conducts several on-going programs for their welfare like health awareness programs, sanitary & hygiene programs, apart from these SHEEP successes to integrate the leprosy people living together with normal people by conducting tailoring unit training, Italian lays and Magam training. It is a platform for the women for their daily substance.

JEEVODHYA HOME: -The home is established for orphan children in the year 2007 with 4 children and now they are 52 children. The children in the home are orphans, who have lost both the parents are abandoned or semi orphan. Our home provides home, food, clothing, school uniforms, shoes, medical treatment and education to the children. These children belong to really poor segment of the society. They lack basic necessities such as food, home, and medicines. It is difficult for these children to join school since basic necessities are not fulfilled. On a later stage, without formal education, they work as a laborer and again become the part of the poor society and the cycle continues. These children sometime end up begging on the street. These children are given education and Sheep enhances them through English medium education to increase their confidence level in the competitive world. Then they are developed physically, psychologically, made as good and productive citizens.


Vision: Service to humanity, irrespective of the caste, creed and religion extending compassionate Love, care, support, education and livelihood option to the rejected of the society.

Mission: Care and support to the children and women


  • Provisions required for month
  • To educate and empower poor children in the socio economic environment
  • To eradicate the gender disparity, child labor and untouchables.
  • iTo create unity, integrity, solidarity and communal harmony among the rural/urban poor people.
  • To provide necessary health requirements through our clinic and health camp and awareness programmes.
  • To provide the Special education programmes for mentally, physically, socially and emotionally disabled children